The Mt Kaputar Red Slug is alive and well

By the end of the survey in this threatened ecological community above 800m at Mt Kaputar, 50km from Narrabri, NSW, many specimens of land snail including several tiny charopid species were found to be alive and well. The regeneration since the massive bushfires earlier in the year was quite amazing and many different wildflowers were flourishing.

The Mt Kaputar red slug stayed in hiding for the first few days but Steph Clark managed to find one in the litter at the base of a snow gum. Later in the week, after some rain, the red slug was seen crawling of rocks in large numbers (Steph and Adam) counted more than 70 on a moist and foggy morning.

Mt Kaputar Red Slug. Images A and B: Alan and Helen Purch. Image C: Steph Clark