Giant snails

Giant snails occur in a number of countries throughout the world.


The Giant Panda Snail, Hedleyella falconeri

In Australia, our largest snail is the Giant Panda Snail which can be found in living under logs, in forest debris especially palm litter in rainforests from Barrington Tops in Northern New South Wales to the D’Aguilar Ranges in South East Queensland.

P4 Giant Panda

Giant Panda Snail Hedleyella falconeri (Gray, 1834)



  • The Giant African Snail: Achatina fulica is a species of land snail in the family Achatinidae, known commonly as the Giant African snail. This is one of the world’s largest snails but is considered the most invasive.

BEWARE: This snail eats about 500 species of vegetation unlike our native snails who DO NOT eat plants [or your garden]. If you see this overseas-and they are as close as Papua New Guinea, then do not bring them home. If you see them here in Australia, contact Biosecurity Australia immediately.

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