Snail slime

Snail trails 1All land snails and slugs make slime (mucus).

Snail have different types of slime which is a mucus secreted by glands:

  • Body slime to keep the animal moist and to prevent it drying out.
  • Slime to move along on to protect its foot from damage the snail secretes a continuous trail of slime. This leaves what we often see as a snail trail. This is secreted from glands under the mouth. The slime has also adhesive properties which allows the snail to climb trees and walls and attach to a variety of surfaces.

P13 matingSlime is an important part of their mating rituals as well.





Daily Mail logoToday, snail slime is used in human cosmetics. Read a fascinating article here.


Snail slime was once used as medicine from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages -internally against gastrointestinal ulcers and in the form of syrup to soothe a cough.



4 thoughts on “Snail slime

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  2. I am doing a research project on snails for my Biology class and I am wondering if anyone could tell me what macromolecule snail slime is? I’m thinking that its probably either a lipid or a protein, but I’m not sure.

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