Endangered species

Land snails are important environmental indicators and biodiversity predictors and have a role to play in the monitoring of climate change. Their conservation should be a HIGH priority.

Australia has a number of endangered snail species. All are listed in the Australian Faunal Directory which is the best source for information on these snails


Australian Faunal Directory

Some of the more well known endangered species are:

P10 BogomossThe Boggomoss Snail, Adclarkia dawsonensis






P1 Mitchells Rain Forest SnailMitchell’s Rainforest Snail, Thersites mitchellae





Brigalow Woodland Snail, Adclarkia cameroniP16 a Threatened






 What threatens snail and slug habitat?

P16b P16cLAND CLEARING: The single biggest threat is habitat destruction. Over 85% of our Brigalow has been cleared resulting in losses of many species.

FIRE: Slow moving, soft bodied animals such as snails are prone to the affects of heat and flame. Hot fires are particularly destructive to snails, semi-slugs and slugs.

The burned shells of snails following a bush fire.

 Burned shells

CLIMATE CHANGE:  The drying effect of climate change on moist snail habitats is liable to lead to snail extinctions. Snails are excellent environmental indicators.

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