What is a snail?

Snails are Molluscs and in the class Gastropoda. Australia has about 3000 species of native land snails occurring in a wide range of environments from saltbush plains to tropical rainforests.

We have 3 types:

SNAILS: Terrestrial or land snails with a well developed external shell into which the animal can fully retreat have evolved from marine snails about 350 millions years ago

P1 Mitchells Rain Forest Snail

SEMI-SLUGS: These are snails with a partly reduced shell which is too small for the snail to retreat into fully

P1 Semi snail

SLUGS which are land snails that have evolved to live without their shell. They often have a rudimentary shell internally.

P1 slug

Land snails and slugs all have a similar external gastropod body plan subject to variation. Most have a shell of some sort whether it be external, internal or somewhere between the two.

Pulmonate snails and slugscopy025 copy