Caramel-flamed Pinwheel Snail


Kingdom: Animalia


Biomphalopa recava [Hedley, 1912]

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda

Sub-order: Pulmonata

Family: Charopidae

Genus: Biomphalopa

Species: recava

Additional Information:

[Endodonta recava, Hedley 1912]          

 Size: Very small; Diameter 4.5mm

Shell shape: Biconcave

Whorls: Numerous, tightly coiled, laterally compressed, shouldered

Shell: cream with reddish-brown flammulationsFIN-39878-CHA-B

Protoconch: Reticulate

Teleoconch: Bold, crowded, protractively sinuate ribs

Umbilicus: Very wide, cup shaped

Habitat and ecology: Rainforest; living under logs


Distribution: MEQ Finch Hatton Gorge, Eungella NP

MEQ map 1


Remarks: Distinguished from Gyrocochlea iuloidea by having a sunken spire, bolder ribs, wider umbilicus and reddish-brown flammulations


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