Giant African Snail

Kingdom: Animaliagiant-african-land-snail

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda

Sub-order: Pulmonata

Family: Achatinidae

Genus: Achatina

Species: fulica

Not native to Australia.

Prescribed and notifiable pest.

Common size 5-10cm.
Maximum size 20-30cm
Moist habitats such as leaf litter, thick shrubs and timber piles.
The Giant African Snail: Achatina fulica is known commonly as the Giant African snail. This is one of the world’s largest snails but is considered the most invasive.

BEWARE: This snail eats about 500 species of vegetation unlike our native snails who DO NOT eat plants [or your garden]. If you see this overseas-and they are as close as Papua New Guinea, then do not bring them home. If you see them here in Australia, contact Biosecurity Australia immediately.

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Youtube logoWatch this video to see the problem created in Florida, USA by this snail.

Giant African Snail

Photo courtesy Annette K Goodman