Where do snails live?


A boggomoss [spring-fed ecosystem] at Taroom, central Queensland, home to the critically endangered Boggomoss Snail (Adclarkia dawsonensis).

Snails and slugs live under logs, rocks and other forest debris. Some are arboreal [on trees and shrubs].

They are found in:

  • Tropical rainforests
  • Subtropical rainforests
  • Dry rainforests
  • Temperate rainforests
  • Eucalypt forests and woodland communities
  • Native grasslands
  • Limestone outcrops
  • Other litho-refugia [rocky outcrops]

Rainforest in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales home to many species of snail, semi-slug and slug


Very few native snails have adapted to areas of exotic vegetation e.g. pastures, suburban backyards and plant nurseries.