Capertee Valley Corrugated Snail

Kingdom: AnimaliaP10d

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda

Sub-order: Pulmonata

Family: Camaenidae

Genus: Sauroconcha

Species: caperteeana


The Capertee Valley Corrugated Snail (Sauroconcha caperteeana) is a medium to large sized Camaenid growing to about 25mm. The shell form is light brown to dark red-brown with a white to purple lip. 

The shell is strongly angulate and keeled in juveniles but rounded with a peripheral ridge in adults. It has postulate ridges and corrugations over the entire shell.

This snail is found in the Capertee Valley in mid-east New South Wales.

Additional Information:

Mollusca Research 28 (2)


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