Australian Land Snails, Volume 1

A field guide to eastern Australian species

Australian Land Snails Volume 1

The first book in over 140 years to document native Australian snails, it features almost 600 pages of stunning colour images, descriptions, distribution maps, key localities, habitat and ecology notes as well as a key to the 44 families in eastern Australia.

Australian Land Snails Volume 1 is a guide is for both professional and semi-professional malacologists, students, amateur natural historians, land managers and anyone with an interest in the natural world.


The Whitley Medal winner [Royal Zoological Association of New South Wales] for 2011 for the best Natural History book on Australian Animals.


  • John Stanisic
  • Michael Shea
  • Darryl Potter
  • Owen Griffiths


  • Queensland Museum


  • 9789994932245

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