The World Science Festival 2021 comes to Chinchilla

Chinchilla lived up to its chilly name as it hosted a number of scientists for a 2 day presentation – a free community day event is on Sunday 6 June and a student day for schools on Monday 7 June. All were immersed in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at this exciting event returning to Chinchilla from 2020. Sessions included a Science Extravaganza Showcase that explored cool science careers and mind-blowing science experiments, and City Of Science where all who attended experienced close-up to exciting science activities and fascinating displays.

The Snail Whisperers were one such display. They enjoyed chatting with many members of the public and lots of school children during this time and teaching them about the wonders of land snails. Did you know our land snails have more than 20 000 teeth?

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