Book 2 wins a Whitley commendation

The Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales announced the winners of the Whitley Awards for 2018 at a Presentation Ceremony held in the foyer of the Australian Museum on 3rd October.

This beautiful space is well suited for these Award presentations as they celebrate excellence in the publication of books, and other media, that increase our knowledge of Australasian fauna and particularly its conservation. The Whitley Awards is one of the major events on the Society’s calendar. The Awards include Certificates of Commendation in a variety of zoological disciplines and target audiences; children’s books, field guides, conservation biology, periodicals and natural history. They also included a number of taxa and this year the invertebrates are well represented. The Whitley Medal and Certificate of Special Commendation are two of the most prestigious Awards in Zoological publishing. While the Medal is given for an outstanding publication (Australian Echinoderms), the Special Commendation is for a life long contribution to publishing (Tim Flannery).

Congratulations to John, Darryl, Michael and Owen for again reaching the heights with the publication of Book 2 and a Certificate of Commendation for Taxonomic Zoology. This was presented by Dr Frank Köhler from the Australian Museum.


2 thoughts on “Book 2 wins a Whitley commendation

  1. Loved the book and was delightfully bliwn away with the detail.
    I understand it has taken years of meticulous work to reach this conclusion.
    This book will be treasured.
    I’d love to see NSW worked on in the future.
    Again thank you and congratulations

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