Giant African Snail

Achatina fulica  is a species of land snail in the family Achatinidae, known commonly as the giant African snail. This is one of the largest snails but is considered the most invasive.

BEWARE: This snail eats about 500 species of vegetation unlike our native Australian snails that DO NOT eat plants [or your garden]. If you see this overseas-and they are as close as Papua New Guinea, then do not bring them home. If you see them here in Australia, contact Biosecurity Australia immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Giant African Snail

  1. It is interesting that Australian snails don’t eat vegitation. I never knew that snails were brought over from overseas. I also didn’t know that this snail eats around 500 species of plants, this is amazing.

    • For the Giant African Snail, some people have found the shell, thought it looked pretty and packed it in their luggage. When a huge African Snail appeared when they opened their bag, they threw it into the garden. One teacher in North Queensland spotted one when a student brought it in for ‘Show and Tell’ and was clever enough to alert the authorities. They could wipe out our rainforests if this happened. Other smaller snails have arrive in the soil of plants. Many of these also stick to shipping containers and the Biosecurity people on the wharves have to watch out for them.

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